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Love 30 Talks

Welcome to Love 30 Talks. Here we will be featuring interviews with key people who are involved with supporting and implementing 30km/h urban limits from around the world.

Public Health is a perspective that is changing the whole way in which we look at mobility and transport, and their consequences for society. In this talk I am delighted to welcome Dr Sarah Jones, Consultant in Environmental Health for Public Health Wales. Sarah is involved with the Welsh Government in its adoption of a national 20mph urban default speed limit.


For an Australian perspective on 30km/h limits I talk to Hafez Alavi of HA Consulting in Melbourne. Perhaps a little longer than usual at 55 minutes but full of useful insight into 30km/h and 20mph limits. 


In my second Love 30 Talks session I meet international transport academic Professor John Whitelegg, Visiting Professor of the Built Environment, Liverpool John Moores University.

For our first Love 30 Talks session, I am delighted to be joined by Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director-General for Mobility and Transport for the European Commission.


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